The food you throw away could take you on an annual family holiday.

August 20, 2018

The food you throw away could take you on an annual family holiday.

Food waste is any food that could have been eaten by people but is wasted or thrown away. 

Did you know? More than half of all the food wasted comes from the home?  And, over a third of the household waste we put in the bin is food waste?

In fact, on average, Australian households waste over $3,800 each year on food that isn't eaten. Saving food could be the equivalent of a family holiday or new luxury item each year.  Each time you throw away a bruised banana or squishy tomato, you are throwing your hard owned cash in the bin.

Australia is not alone; globally, one third of all food produced does not get eaten; that’s 1.3 billion tonnes of perfectly edible food wasted. And yet one in nine people do not have enough food to eat. What the? If we could save just a quarter of this wasted food, it would be enough to feed all the hungry people in world (890 million of them).

What about the environment?

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) estimates the carbon footprint from food produced, not eaten, and left to rot is about 3.3 gigatonnes of CO2 (8% of the world's CO2 emissions). If food waste was a country, it would be the third highest emitter of green house gases, after China and the US.

Here in Australia it’s estimated that food waste costs more than $20 billion each year, probably even more.  And that doesn't take into account all resources it took to get the food to the shop where you bought it.  Think about the water it took to produce it, the land, labour and love to grow it and the transportation and fuel to deliver it.

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Thank you to Andres Carreno for the photograph.