What our beautiful customers are saying

About our soaps......

I love the porze soaps (the orange one is my favourite). I have found they don’t disintegrate in the shower nearly as quickly as other soaps and their size means that they last for ages!  Ali L |  Karrinyup  |  WA

Received (a soap) as a gift from friends. Best soap we’ve ever had and now making sure everyone I know gets one so everyone gets to indulge in a “spa day” every morning. Divine... Anne F  |  Naremburn  |  NSW

I had the pleasure to try porze coffee soap after a particularly busy week.  What a joy!! The sweet orange soap was simply packaged and smelled beautiful.  It was a real treat.  I look forward to trying another soap soon.  Sandra V | Perth | WA 

LOVE the scrub feeling of the soap on my skin except it was playing mind games with me...it's made of coffee but it doesn't smell like coffee. I tried it as a hand scrub and that worked like a dream - hands felt awesome and not dry or tight after.  I definitely love this soap - Thank you!  Liz H | Perth | WA

I have had the pleasure of trying a number of scrubs and soap in the Porze range. The simple packaging belies the great product experience, and I love that 50% of the profits go to charity.   Sandra V  |  Perth  |  WA

Love, love, love my porze soap.  I have a young daughter that suffers from eczema this is one of the soaps that we've found that doesn't irritate her skin - not to mention the lovely scent - not in any way overpowering, just perfect!  Thanks xxx. One happy customer.  Tracy S | Perth | WA

Loved the porze soap, it did a great exfoliation and the orange fragrance was fresh and uplifting.  Kallia G | Perth | WA

The coffee soap is amazing!.  Carlie B |  Perth  |  WA

Porze soaps awaken the senses with subtle fragrance of essential oils. Leaving your skin soft and you feeling energised. Tania H  |  Perth  |  WA

I used your coffee soap over the weekend and wanted to share my thoughts: Not only does the soap smell amazing, but it IS amazing. I found it to be soft and gentle on my skin. I used it as an exfoliator and soap to shave my legs and even use it on my face as a gentle face scrub – it was better than any other soaps I have used before. Such a beautiful product. My husband loves the grapefruit smell!  Michelle C  |  Perth  |  WA

My husband is going to love this soap!  Karyn H  |  Perth  |  WA

About our scrubs......

The sensing body scrub has a subtle aroma of coffee bean to awaken your senses.  The soft texture of the scrub worked its magic and the essential oil made my skin feel smooth as silk.  Thank you!  Tania H | Perth | WA

OMG!  The body scrub is the best I've ever used.  I didn't even make a mess in my shower!.  It's better than Fr*nkin my humble, scrub obsessed opinion. Get smooth skin and support these legends.   Carlie B  |  Perth  |  WA

I am standing here dripping wet, just out of the shower.  Your scrub is amazing and I'm not even saying it to be polite - it is truly incredible.  I have had a favorite scrub for the last 10 years - I never stray from it.  When [my friend] said that your scrub is better than the Man*ine one I love, I truly thought there was no way possible.  Well, there is, and it's yours!  Stacey  |  Perth  |  WA

I loved the calming scrub! There was a really generous amount of scrub provided in each sachet and, as I was using it, it felt like my skin was really being cleaned. After using, the best part was my skin didn't have to be moisturised as the essential oils within the scrub left my skin feeling smooth and fresh (including the skin on my face).   Suzi D   |   Perth   |   WA

I got some (salt scrub) and it was beautiful.  I scrubbed to within an inch of my life.  Liz P  |  Brisbane  |  QSLD

Porze is probably the recycled coffee body scrub and soap brand, that has put more effort into researching every detail and ingredient for the sake of your skin and animals’ welfare. You get to choose between salt, sugar plus a range of oils and other ingredients to fully adapt to your body type. The ultimate aim: nourishing, oil-balancing and exfoliating. And also for the first time, we don’t have to feel guilty about coffee, as Porze’s range is made out of recycled coffee grounds. It’s natural goodness packed with antioxidants helping acne, cellulite, stretch marks and stimulating blood flow. Furthermore, you will be helping animal welfare by giving back throughout a range of organisations and reducing the pile of 3 million kilos of coffee grounds to landfill. YAY to Porze! Max D  |  Our Good Brands  | Australia