Giving: The charities we support

Because we are determined to do what we can to help animals of all shapes and sizes, land, air and sea dwelling, we are committed to giving a significat percentagenof our annual net profits to animal welfare organisations.

In 2018 and 2019, profits will be given to: Animal Aid Unlimited, Animals Australia, Humane Society International, PeTA, and World Animal Protection.

While individuals at porze may hold personal membership to the above organisations, porze is not under any type of arrangment or agreement, and does not receive any type of recognition or financial recompense for supporting these people and the incredible work they carry out. 

We are giving our profits freely according to our shared values and may include additional organisations in the future in order to expand our love and support.

Members of the porze pack (you) are invited to share your thoughts and ideas about our charitable giving on our facebook page and purchase our products (of course !) in order to increase the amount we are able to give to others.