Tips and how to use

It’s a good idea to use the scrub in the shower so the coffee grounds will easily wash down the drain – wet grounds are not something that will sweep up easily.

Dampen your skin under a running shower and then step out of the water flow (or turn the shower off). Rub the scrub in circular motions, massaging the oils over your entire body. You may want to focus on problem areas and don’t forget your hands and feet.

Leave the scrub on your skin for up to 5 minutes before rinsing off under running water. 

Use more, smaller amounts when putting the scrub onto your skin. If you grab too much at once, you may lose a lot of your scrub on the shower floor.

Make sure your skin is damp. Using the scrub on dry skin may be too harsh – especially if you have sensitive skin.

Scrubs do not rinse out of hair easily so try to keep your hair out of the way while you are pampering your skin.

If you are particularly vigorous your skin may become red from all the scrubbing—especially if you have fair skin. You may want to give your skin time to calm if you are going out, or pamper yourself in the evening when you can just relax afterwards.

There is nothing better than a back rub/scratch/scrub, especially as it is an area we don’t often pay much attention to. If you have a significant other, trade back scrubs. It’s not only fun, it feels fantastic both during and after. If you are running solo, reach your back by putting the scrub on a shower back scrubber. It works like a charm.

As many of the essential and carrier oils are quite rich, using the scrubs on your face may lead to breakouts, particularly if you have sensitive skin. You may want to patch test a small area first.